NEO is a blockchain that can be created and run on smart contracts just like Ethereum. For the creation and operation of the contracts on the NEO, commission payments must be made with a token called GAS which is also in the NEO ecosystem. A certain amount of GAS is generated when each NEO block is produced. The generated GAS is distributed to the users holding NEO in a certain period in a sense as a dividend.

As of now, there are no GAS boards in our platform. However, a GAS wallet will be defined within Bitmatrix to the users holding NEO in a certain period and the GAS will be distributed. Users can keep their GAS funds at Bitmatrix wallets or transfer them to another address.

Whether the GAS board is to be opened in Bitmatrix will be evaluated later by considering the user demand and sufficient liquidity status.

GAS will be distributed automatically on a monthly basis, users do not need to do anything with regard to this matter.

The NEO amount that users keep in their wallets is calculated on a daily basis. Every day between 11:59 PM and 00:03 AM hours, NEO board processing is turned off to the operation and the daily amount of NEO that users keep is taken into account during this time.

GAS amounts will be transferred to the users' GAS wallets every third of the month.

You can calculate the approximate amount of GAS that you will earn according to this method at